Watermills Farm is where I grow and hand-harvest herbs and fruit which I use to make delicious herbal teas. I'm Michelle Engel. I'm a gardener and lover of tasty, beautiful things in Lunenburg County on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Some of the ingredients in my teas are wild native plants and herbs that grow on the farm. There's a huge variety of habitat and soil conditions on the farm. That means lots of biodiversity, and strong stands of native plants that are ready to be harvested at various times in the growing season.

This is our first year on our farm - my partner and I are literally breaking new ground! I now have about 2500 square feet of an old pasture under cultivation. A varied selection of my favourite herbs are growing or already grown in the gardens including flowers, roots, leaves and fruit of annual and perennial crops.

These herbal tea plants, wild and cultivated, will be carefully hand-harvested and slowly dried. Then, in some cases, the dried materials will be mixed to make herbal tea blends. Other herbs will stand alone with no need to blend.

I'm so excited to provide lots of local, hand-harvested herbal tea for sale this fall and winter. Follow me on Instagram or check back here to find out when and where Watermills Tea is available.

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